Renault Denmark: Customer Experience

The new Renault website customer experience is ultimately about a relationship, from first look to ownership it’s about creating a service that learns about you and responds

The new Renault platform needed to be highly customer centric and use best-in-class technologies and techniques, such as personalisation, to maximise business KPIs and metrics. The rollout of the new Renault Denmark website is part of the Helios program that is being managed by the DigitasLBi team in London.

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Absolut Vodka Sweden: Digital Strategy

Absolut Sweden was selected as a pilot market with ambitious targets on how to work more innovative and creative with an eCRM digital strategy. They needed to attract a more digital savvy target audience.

Why eCRM? Insights show that it costs 5 time more to acquire a new consumer than to engage a loyal one and a loyal consumer spends up to 5 times more. Email is claimed to be the most effective marketing channel with 28:1 ROI on average. How can we improve digital presence in regards of a challenging landscape, legal restrictions and target audience?

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