The future we want is possible if we mobilise people and technology to enhance our entire web of relationships.

Navigating an increasingly complex landscape

Business analysts require a blend of creative, strategy, media and technical expertise across digital channels to help organisations navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape, and connect directly with current and future customers to create business value. My core experience is delivering large programs at global scale, managing teams across geographies to ensure good stakeholder engagement and effective program alignment.

James Robinson Business Analyst & Product Manager

Focus is mainly put on the interests, needs and digital behaviour of customer relationships, placing them at the heart of the design process and then optimising the work based on analytics and learning. Being agile can ensure the delivery of class-leading solutions and realisation of the following key business benefits:

Reduce time to market –  Agile speeds time-to-market and yields better quality results. The methodology ensures tighter alignment with business stakeholders to ensure that the roadmap is influenced directly by business value and impact.

Improve quality – Better access to the business team and closer collaboration between user experience, creative and technical teams lead to fewer issues and higher quality.

Better business alignment – More frequent business involvement with the project team improves quality of decisions, reducing risk of going off track. This improves alignment with business goals and facilitates stakeholder understanding and buy-in.

Improved collaboration – A collaborative approach speeds cultural alignment and protects synergies. Teams need decisions on business questions to be made in near-real-time to keep delivery momentum. Agile facilitates that collaboration, breaking down barriers. Behaviour not focused on business goals is highlighted early, allowing faster intervention if needed.

Early results – Agile delivers visible results early and builds confidence in the project team. The team creates working prototypes within the first few months and keeps iterating with richer capabilities every few weeks. Having such early, predictable, high-quality deliveries, builds confidence across external stakeholder groups in the project team. This creates an environment where barriers to adoption are greatly reduced.

My goal is to provide the most effective integrated marketing and technology solutions anywhere in the world. In business environments where innovation and changing requirements are expected, flexibility and speed are critical.

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