Volvo Car Group is a differentiated global brand on a journey to challenge the traditional car industry boundaries. Volvo Car Group aimed to find a unique Volvo way of creating both relevant and value adding services to customers who are at the heart of everything they do.

Avicii & Volvo Made By Sweden

To reach the goals we needed to leverage the three Volvo brand promises; “We understand you”, “We protect what’s important to you”, “We make you feel special” which contribute to making Volvo customer’s everyday life less complicated.

The consumer experience on the marketing platform needed to reflect the brand values and deliver according to consumer expectations and behaviour. This required a global approach and expertise in which different regional and cultural expectations were to be recognised and reflected.

The mission was to create a personalised, engaging and uncomplicated customer experience by developing a digital ecosystem with relevant services and communication. The goal was to deliver the relevant content in the right context achieving one customer experience, whilst also ensuring that the availability and systems performance is reliable and stable with reduced Time to Market.

Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles were used in the transformation of the global site:

  • User experience/journey should surprise, delight and simplify everyday life for the audience
  • Creativity must be the leading star both when it comes to content and distribution approaches with Narrative, stories; Brand transformation; Share ability; Strong call to actions; Globally-relevant and applicable
  • Integration; with Volvo content stakeholders and agency network
  • Personalised: Relevant communication in the right channel at the right time to the right person
  • Insight driven
  • Performance against relevant KPIs
  • Benchmark ensuring best practice (inside and outside the automotive industry)

Solution was to be a flagship brand experience that informed and connected the evolving digital ecosystem. The next generation was to be an industry leading, shopping, buying and ownership experience that confirmed Swedish values while challenging brand expectations in unexpected and surprising ways. The next generation was to be a human centric experience guided by the spirit of the Swedish Pioneer.

In order to create a global platform that is flexible for diverse, local-market needs, the next generation was a modular system built on the Site core CMS platform.

The following provides a high level classification applied to determine the solution through the process:

  • Home Page
  • Model Products
  • Find a Model functionality
  • Comparison Tool
  • Navigation / Footer
  • Search functionality
  • Find a Dealer functionality
  • Fleet / Special Services page
  • Implementation of current CRM forms
  • Content Share functionality
  • Brand Pillar Landing Templates
  • Campaign area
  • The inclusion but not creation of User Generated content
  • Offers page

Content Strategy

Ensuring content quality and relevancy at scale: Like any asset, content requires investment, management and nurturing to achieve maximum performance.  The Volvo Cars content strategy set out a vision for the purpose and value of content, the tools and processes that support it, and recommended practical short and long-term activities to reach that vision.  It ensured the quality and relevancy of content across markets and languages, and provided guidance for maintaining content in the long term. 

Volvo Content Strategy

Requirements capture

Requirements capture was perhaps the most critical part of the project delivery framework. Without clear business requirements, we would have failed before we even started. In a sense Quality can be seen in terms of the clear communication of requirements across the various phases of the project lifecycle. At first this model of quality would seem to overlook human error, but in fact there is no fundamental difference between miscommunication and human error – they are just opposite sides of the same coin and both can be addressed using the same strategies.

Global direction, local empowerment

Establishing clear rules of engagement for 3rd party agencies was key to success of the localisation program, ensuring that the global direction and principles were clearly understood across parties and the right expectations get set around what the local markets are empowered to do.

Shared platform
Foundational components were developed by the global team, allowing for streamlined sharing of content, assets and components between channels and regions, leading to faster deployments globally.

Learn and adapt
The components, sites and process were built with the understanding that “change is the only constant”.  Migration is not the end, but the beginning of keeping up with the fast paced needs of the business.

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