By engaging with stakeholders we determine the context and drivers that Mobilise resources and services for a successful digital Delivery.

Digital Engagement

Experience has led me to believe in 3 fundamental principles that guide the approach to digital engagements. It might be that your requirements are a mixture of tactical shorter term goals and longer term aspirations, that may evolve over time. Some maybe well defined, others in their infancy, and the introduction of possible new systems will impact requirements as they evolve.

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An agile method uniquely safeguards business buy-in and timely delivery. This approach crucially ensures better mobilisation of the business teams and a closer collaboration between user experience, creative and technical teams. Agile furthermore drives alignment with commercial goals as more frequent business involvement with the project team improves the quality of decisions and safeguards focus. 

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Initial roadmaps are defined as part of original delivery programs but the solution will not stand still post initial scope delivery.  With regions/markets adopting solutions, the case for change will become increasingly complicated with different priorities and benefits being put forward by different stakeholders. Together we derive the on-going roadmap and the processes needed to manage the future enhancements and change.

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